In Memoriam: Azana Salon Victims

On October 21st we were greatly saddened to learn that a former Erik of Norway colleague was murdered along with two of her co-workers at Azana Salon, in addition to four others that were  injured. Zina Haughton is best described by EON employees as a fabulous stylist, caring friend, and wonderful mother. To show our support to Zina’s family and the Azana Salon Victims, we are partnering with ‘Cut It Out- Salons Against Domestic Abuse’, along with 80 other local salons, to help raise money for the Azana Victims Fund. On Tuesday, November 13th we will donate 10% of all retail sales, 10% of all gift card purchases, and a portion of services to the Azana Victims Fund. Please participate in this event at Erik of Norway Salon in Mequon and together we can make a difference! We also have purple ‘Domestic Violence Awareness’ bracelets to show your support- available while supplies last. Thank you to all those that have already purchased one, your donation is much appreciated!

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, we urge you to seek help immediately!


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